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Want to learn basic vocabulary for a new language?

Just point camera at the object you are learning about, Travel Buddy app will analyze the object and read it out for you.  

It's really simple.  Download for iOS to try it out!

Love to Travel & Shop?

But don't enjoy doing the mental math to add sales tax and convert prices back to home currency all the time?

Let your iPhone do the math for you...

Just aim the camera at any price tag and see the amount (with tax added) in home currency instantly.  Zero-touch required.

Camera-based Interface

Just aim everywhere. No clicks required.

Add sales tax for you too

Based on your location, sales tax will be added before conversion to home currency.


Up-to-date currency exchange rate

So there are no surprises.

Privacy friendly

Camera previews are analyzed locally on your phone only.  No images or videos are sent to cloud providers.

Why did we create this?

My wife and I love travelling.  While travel shopping is a lot of fun, the worries of overpaying in tourist areas are often in the back of our minds.

This is particularly hard when we travel to countries whose currencies and tax systems are very different (e.g. Iceland, Japan and Korea)

This app is dedicated to my travel buddy and best friend, Susana. Made with love :-) ❤️

Need some sample price tags?

Show these on a different screen and scan them using our app running on your iPhone.


This app is built on the shoulders of many open source components.  Special thanks to:

- Doorbell.io
- Bugfender
- Firebase

What about Android?

If you want to see an Android release and be notified when it comes out, just comment on our Facebook post here or email me at billy@evergreen-labs.com


Phone: 1-289-800-7574

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